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Albasia Falcata SGS FSC

Eco-Frienfly, 100% Plantation Grown

Albasia (latin name: albizzia falcata) is a fast growing tree and is harvestable after 5-7 years. These plants can grow well in the highlands and lowlands, in high rainfall areas or in areas where rainfall is low, on flat land or sloping ground, in good soil or in sandy soil. Albasia is very useful, not only for the economic benefit but also for the reforestation of critical land, preventing soil erosion or landslides and maintains the reserves of soil water.

We have over 3,000 hectares of renewable and sustainable plantation for our own consuption. This will ensure uninterupted supply of albasia logs while not subjected to unpredicatable international price fluctuations. Our plantations are now FSC certified.

With almost 20 years of manufacturing experience and nearly 2,000 trained employees, the quality, performance, and consistency of our products are unmatched.

Our ability to control the manufacturing process, from growing and harvesting the Albasia trees to delivering the final product, allows us to offer exemplary quality at significant cost-savings.Their believe in producing a great product with minimal wastage ensures your company receives great products, and cost savings passed onto our clients.


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